Increase of reservations in facilities owned by one of the largest mountain resort administrator and tourism services provider in Central and Eastern Europe.





CTR in content marketing campaign


conversion rate in content marketing campaign


Audience Network was responsible for conducting a campaign that used 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data. The data was integrated and managed on Data Management Platform. Our company advertised four mountain resorts.

We started our activities with use the 1st party data - we analysed behavior of clients who visited all client’s websites. It allows us to identify profiles of the best converting clients and target the ads at them.

We used 3rd party data, among others, to run remarketing campaigns, create look-alikes and run search campaigns.

We’ve received 2nd party data from the content marketing campaign thanks to cooperation with polish publishers and influencers, which published articles about resorts. To analyse readers profiles and calculate the conversion rate, we’ve implemented a pixel on pages with articles about mountain resorts.