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Audience Insight

Within the services, the experienced econometric team of Audience Network works out advanced reports. Audience Insight report is prepared on the basis of minimum 2-week traffic analysis on the client’s website with the use of web analysis methodology and graphs theory. Due to this process we implement the measuring codes on client’s websites, and then we gather the data on the platform, which is a part of Cloud Technologies. gathers the anonymous data about the Internet users on the basis of cookie files and other similar technologies. The main information source are the visited websites, which are analyzed in order to identify the digital DNA of every Internet user. analyses the content of the visited websites and categorizes them correctly on the basis of IAB taxonomy standards with the use of advanced algorithms of machine learning.

In the scope of Audience Insight service, these are this is the typical scope of said analysis:

  • The shortest path to reach the observed website,
  • Behavioral actions of the potential clients, e.g. the content of the viewed websites,
  • Concomitance of the certain behavioral features among the website’s viewers

Audience Insights reports might also be useful to generating customized cookie segments, which allow to interact super-effectively on the basis of marketing communication in the Internet.


Getting to the website path

Data gathering

Getting to the website path

Behavioral profiles analysis

Audience Insight report

Tendencies towards profiles analysis

Audience Insight report