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We conduct SEM (Search engine marketing) campaign, that gives fast results and full budget control. We create company promotion in a natural environment for data search - Google search. Your company will appear on the first page of Google results as an answer to users' requests. We adapt content and keywords for the right group to increase campaign effectiveness.

We base our campaigns on Google Marketing Platform. Being focused on your current needs we prepare a tailored strategy of building your visibility in search. We optimize campaign actions in real time. Search marketing gives an opportunity to measure effectiveness and to have a constant look at the level of ROI.

In order to increase the level of search marketing effectiveness, we use 3rd party data from DMP and execute the campaign in DV360 environment.

We know how to use a synergy of both programmatic and SEM features to increase an amount of requests for your products in Google search.

How do we work?

Campaign preparation
Start, execution and optimization of the campaign
Increase visibility in search and maximize online sales.
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